Sometimes Creativity Fights Habit


And sometimes I have a writing buddy.

I’ve noticed that I go through weird phases with my writing habits.

Sometimes I’ll go for several days wanting to do my writing on my main computer, which is a desktop at a standing desk.

Other times I want to sit on my bed with my laptop to write, which is all I usually use that computer for.

I even have days where I want to get whole scenes written using the app on my iPhone called iA Writer, which lets me save documents to my Dropbox. I don’t know why I like this option so much because it involves extra work. I have to copy and paste from one document to my main manuscript document. It must be the convenience of using my phone.

Sometimes I like listening to the playlist I have for my current project, and sometimes I’d rather have the background noise of the TV or a loud box fan. Or nothing at all.

And sometimes I don’t want to write until night, while other times I want to write all day.

It’s kind of odd how my brain never wants me to work the same way all the time. Maybe the mild disorder is part of the creative process?

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