Wellington, Part Two

637One regret from this trip: we forgot sunscreen. We regretted this after only an hour at the showgrounds.

There weren’t really any big classes on Friday. We really just spent the day wandering around and watching some of the lower level and hunter classes. We also looked at some of the overpriced vendors and ate some even more overpriced food. (The girl at the Tito’s Tacos clearly thought I was weird for wanting onions on my nachos.)

We spent much of the day just taking pictures of the pretty ponies we saw. There were some classes in the International Arena, but the big Grand Prix was Saturday. We did get to see some of the big names of the sport in those classes, which I loved.648

And we heard that there was going to be an eventing showcase (a miniature three-day eventing show) at one of the nearby plots of land that was owned by the same people who owned the main area. So we went for an adventurous drive (stupid GPS took us to the wrong spot first) to find that. We missed the dressage portion, though, and gave up for the day.

Driving around there was a little overwhelming. Our rental car was a very new red thing (I’m not a car person, it may have been a Honda?) and it was still the crappiest thing on the road. And we jokingly called chain stores “commoner stores” when we happened to find one. Everything else was so nice and way out of our price range. It would have been comforting to find a Wegman’s but we were definitely too far south.

So Friday wasn’t all that exciting, but it was still super fun to go watch the ponies jump. Saturday was the super fun day.

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