Florida, The End

801Normally a vacation story would end with, “Then we went home.” Not for me. Never for me, actually. I seem to always have issues getting home.

I was supposed to go home on Monday, but I couldn’t. There was a lovely snow storm slamming the east coast on Monday. O’Hare was completely shut down, and, of course, that was where my layover was.

They got me on a flight for Tuesday at the same time as my original flight, and my consolation gift was to be moved to First Class. No hotel room or anything. Yeah it was great.

Being stranded in Miami International Airport for 29 hours was not how I really wanted to end my awesome research trip. That first picture was my view for most of that time (I found a nice little sitting area away from the crowds). Upside was that I got to plot all of the third book and start writing it.

818I honestly don’t know how we even landed at O’Hare on Tuesday. We didn’t come out of the clouds until we were practically on the runway. Thank science for radar because I spent the whole time scared that were were going to hit another plane.

Then we were on the runway for an hour trying to get to a gate. That second picture is the snowplow convoy that never stopped.

I have no idea how we got off the ground when we left, either. After we were stuck at the gate for an hour waiting for a chance to push away because of all the backed-up traffic.

824My trip was tons of fun and I loved it, but I have never been happier to see the Kodak building and good old Rochester.

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