Ah Yes, Technology

876So I’ve been dealing with the joys of technology lately.

Apparently my laptop likes to randomly shut down while I’m working. Even when it’s plugged in. Ugh.

When it started happening I lost a half an hour of writing. I save every five minutes, but when the thing crashed, OpenOffice somehow reverted to a save from 25 minutes earlier, even after I tried to salvage it. I was not happy.

And my desktop now has a habit of freezing. At least it’s about 6 years old. I got the laptop last summer. Stupid computers.

I’m thinking of saving up for something new. Maybe a Mac. I’ve had better luck with my iPhone than any other smartphone, so maybe the same is true for computers. Unless anyone has any other suggestions?

Until then I’ll have to make it work as best as possible. I must write and blog!

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