Adventures in Authorland

11892049_811909688906776_7563319516146177509_nAfter a stressful few days at the “real job” I finally managed to get my edits done for Book 3. But it was not easy.

I came home from work Tuesday night to learn that the upstairs rooms of my house had no electricity. Upstairs is where I have my desktop. My desktop is where I saved the manuscript for Book 3 that I was making changes to.

Luckily, I have a laptop and the electricity worked downstairs. So I spent all day Wednesday working on the manuscript. Because I had to start over.

And I was working around the electrician’s needs.

Everything is finally back in working order. For now. Who knows what could happen next. Nothing can ever be easy, that’s for sure.

Oh, and I paid Gibbs in Milk-Bones to do my editing for me when I had to leave the computer.

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