Red Flag Companies

016I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about this, but at this point I’m very frustrated and thought I could help someone by sharing this information.

Recently, I started to get e-mails and phone calls from some mysterious company called “Next Century Publishing.” This bothered me because they claimed I had requested information about publishing a book with them, and I’m sure I never did. Upon looking at their website I realized that they were a vanity press, a publisher who requires payment to publish someone’s work. These types of publishers are surrounded by author horror stories and I would never choose to use such a company.

A big red flag about this is the fact that the website does not list a single price range for any service. I find that extremely sketchy. Any company that can’t be honest about prices is concerning to me.

Then there’s the e-mail issue. I chose to respond to one of the e-mails (because it said I could “reply to schedule a consultation time”) and ask to no longer be contacted. The e-mail immediately bounced back. The error message claimed that the “user does not exist.” Another huge red flag.

Plus, I have no idea how these people got my phone number. E-mail I can understand, but not my phone number.

And, on top of everything, they are now sending me messages about “Next Century Speakers” or something like that about becoming a public speaker. What?

My suggestion? Avoid this company. Their methods are very concerning.

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