What’s New?

089The next book is coming soon! The cover is still in the finalizing stages and the last round of editing isn’t quite done, but by the end of August it will be available for pre-order! Because I am juggling several projects under three pen names now, I will be keeping a goal of two romance books a year.

So what is the next book about? Guys and horses!

It’s about a guy who finds a horse in his unused barn, abandoned. The horse is suffering with a minor injury and a general lack of care. Of course, a vet is called. A very handsome, wonderful bisexual vet. Both men could use the other’s help in their personal lives. One needs help caring for the new horse that has come into his life, and to learn that he is still worthy of being loved even after the accident that ended his career and nearly his life. The other needs a distraction from his divorce and to know that someone can care about him without taking his whole identity away. Throw in one goat, a bearded dragon, and a snowstorm, and things get interesting.


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