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Free Read: Vince and Dustin’s Second First Christmas

Here’s another free short story to prepare for the release of Book 3! This is Vince and Dustin’s “second first Christmas” (it makes sense, I promise!) told from Dustin’s point of view. It takes place between Book 2 (By Blood) and Book 3 (By Fault).


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Anderson Stables, Book 3: By Fault – Coming Soon!

By Fault_FINAL_no_bleedThe third book in the Anderson Stables series, By Fault, will be released on December 30th!


Over the last year, Vince Anderson and his retired racehorse, Xander, have been competing at the Grand Prix level of the equestrian sport of show jumping. He’s also been enjoying a comfortable relationship with his boyfriend, Dustin O’Brien, who’s there at every show to support Vince as Xander’s groom. Instead of taking the winter off as usual, Vince decides to travel to Florida for one of the biggest shows of the season: the twelve-week-long Winter Equestrian Festival.

While Vince expects the show to be a challenge for himself and Xander, it becomes so much more. As the wins add up, Vince discovers the highs and lows of gaining celebrity status. Demands on his time, his desire to hide his sexuality to protect Dustin, and incredibly tight living quarters all threaten his and Dustin’s relationship. Just when he thinks nothing more could be added to the impending pile of disaster, Vince learns the secrets of Dustin’s past.

Vince must decide what really matters in life and what he truly wants for his future before he loses everything.

Pre-order now from Dreamspinner Press!


I wanted to apologize for being absent for a week. Unfortunately I learned that I’m being laid off from my “real job” at the end of this month, so I’ve been spending every spare moment hunting for a new one. Writing doesn’t quite cover all the bills yet.

But! I would like to share the cover for the upcoming Anderson Stables book, By Fault. Still no release date yet, but I’ll let you know when there is one.

By Fault_FINAL_no_bleed

New Projects and Updates

The update is that I am now on to the final round of edits for Book 3. Yay!

I know I mentioned that I started working on another book that is not part of the Anderson Stables series. Basically, I’m getting the bare bones down before the characters get pissed at me and run away. The plan is to have it ready to go after the last Anderson Stables book.

It is, of course, also horse themed. You can see a glimpse of what it’s about in this really cool video. Sadly, these characters don’t compete during the course of the story (they work behind the scenes – one on carriages and one on breeding horses), but it’s something I want to write more about. Someday, I’ll have some competitive drivers to share!

The sport in the video is known as combined driving. It’s essentially the sport of eventing, but with carriages. In eventing there are three events that horse and rider pairs compete in: dressage, cross country, and show jumping. Scores are combined over the course of the event, and the winner determined at the end of the final phase. In combined driving, the events are dressage, marathon, and cones.

In combined driving, the dressage is more or less the same, except with a larger arena and different required moves. The concept is still the same: do the correct thing at the correct place in the arena, and do it really nicely.

Cross country involves galloping along an outdoor course and navigating jump complexes. In the marathon phase of driving, the only difference is the lack of jumps. Instead, there are obstacles that need to be maneuvered in a certain order, which involve a lot of turning and navigating.

The jumps in show jumping are typically replaced by cones, with the object being to get through the course without knocking a ball off the cones, similar to knocking a rail from a jump.

This is, of course, not the only way to compete in carriage driving, but it’s the part of the sport that has seen international growth and promotion, and is included in the World Equestrian Games.

So I’ll leave you with a neat compilation video I found. Mainly I’m adding it because this is the show that happens near my hometown every year. It shows that there are a lot of things to do in carriage driving.

Book 3 Update

678I am currently working on the editing process for Book 3 of the Anderson Stables series, By Fault. It’s all coming together for a fall or early winter release. No specific date yet, but I’ll announce it when I have one.

Of course I am also working on those short stories I promised. They will be released in the weeks leading up to the release of the novel.

Stay tuned!

Planning and Plotting

678Sorry for not making a post at all last week. I honestly could think of nothing to post about, and I didn’t want to bore anyone.

I have an update this week, though!

Soon we will be starting the editing process for Book 3 of Anderson Stables, which will likely be released at the end of the year. I’ve decided to use Book 4 as my project for National Novel Writing Month this year, instead of getting to work on that now. For now, I will be focusing on getting the short, free reads ready to post as we get closer to the release of Book 3.

I’m really on a short story kick right now. I’ve been working on some for my fantasy world, and I just want to keep writing more. I feel more productive when I can complete a story in days rather than months. I need to mix more of them into my writing routine.

Good News on a Rainy Day

706I’ve had a tough week, but I finally had some good news recently. Anderson Stables Book 3 was accepted and I just signed to contract.

That took a lot of stress off my mind! Now I can focus on working on my current project to get it done before we start the editing process.

Anyone wanna join me in a happy dance?

Wellington, Part Two

637One regret from this trip: we forgot sunscreen. We regretted this after only an hour at the showgrounds.

There weren’t really any big classes on Friday. We really just spent the day wandering around and watching some of the lower level and hunter classes. We also looked at some of the overpriced vendors and ate some even more overpriced food. (The girl at the Tito’s Tacos clearly thought I was weird for wanting onions on my nachos.)

We spent much of the day just taking pictures of the pretty ponies we saw. There were some classes in the International Arena, but the big Grand Prix was Saturday. We did get to see some of the big names of the sport in those classes, which I loved.648

And we heard that there was going to be an eventing showcase (a miniature three-day eventing show) at one of the nearby plots of land that was owned by the same people who owned the main area. So we went for an adventurous drive (stupid GPS took us to the wrong spot first) to find that. We missed the dressage portion, though, and gave up for the day.

Driving around there was a little overwhelming. Our rental car was a very new red thing (I’m not a car person, it may have been a Honda?) and it was still the crappiest thing on the road. And we jokingly called chain stores “commoner stores” when we happened to find one. Everything else was so nice and way out of our price range. It would have been comforting to find a Wegman’s but we were definitely too far south.

So Friday wasn’t all that exciting, but it was still super fun to go watch the ponies jump. Saturday was the super fun day.

Ugh, I’m Sorry!

635I’ve been so busy getting the third book in the series ready for submission (and it’s still not) that I completely forgot to schedule a post for this past Saturday! Count me as a failure already.

(Though I admit it, I was also watching the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event all weekend, too. Lots of super impressive off-track thoroughbreds competed, so it was definitely relevant to my writing.)

I think I’ll start telling you about my research trip as an apology. I can break that into a few posts and cover my butt for this week!

So, in January I went to Wellington, Florida to watch one weekend of the Winter Equestrian Festival. It’s a 12-week-long show that takes place there every year. I went because this is where about 98% of the third book takes place. I wanted a feel for the atmosphere and the layout of the place. It was, by far, one of the best experiences I’ve had.636

Leaving cold New York was wonderful. I was really worried about getting there at first, since it was the end of January and my layover was in Newark, New Jersey. But getting there was good. (Getting home was not, but that’s a story for another post.) I’ve never flown into Newark before, so I was impressed to see New York City and the Statue of Liberty from the air. That was pretty cool.

And when we landed in Miami and I could see palm trees? That was super exciting. Especially when the weather was perfect. This was only the second time I had been to Florida. The first time was when I went to Disney for the first time last year. And it was only my third time flying anywhere, period. Flying by myself this time wasn’t exactly fun, but it wasn’t too bad. I met a friend of mine down there, though, and we had so much fun that we talked about making it an annual thing.

How much fun? Stay tuned for Part Two!

Point of View Struggles

108Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with writing this series. Mainly because I feel weirdly terrible about only telling the story from Vince’s point of view. I feel like I’m neglecting Dustin and his side of the story, even though it’s told through Vince’s point of view. I feel like a mother playing favorites with her children, and I don’t like it.

The problem is that it doesn’t seem right to add a second point of view halfway through the series. And I doubt I’d be able to publish second editions of the first two books to fix the issue.

But I am going to try to fix the issue to the best of my ability.

That’s what many (though not all) of the coming “free reads” will be. I need to tell this story from both points of view somehow. This seems like my best option.

Stay tuned!