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Short Story Saturday

ByHeartFS_v1Here’s a little story I wrote about a couple characters from By Heart.

Jason has been around for a couple of books, but Kyle is someone introduced in By Heart. Kyle has a fairly similar story to Dustin’s, with parents who don’t really accept him for being gay. Those of you who have already read By Heart know what happens to him, so I won’t spoil that for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

That being said, this story does contain some spoilers for By Heart. So, I hereby issue a


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Free Read: Dustin’s Book 1, Part 2

I can’t say I’m very happy with how this story turned out, and I intend to redo it when I finish the other stories I have planned. I just wanted to share something with you. The goal of this piece is just to give readers an idea of how Dustin was feeling during the first book.

So here is the first version of Dustin’s Book 1.

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Free Read: Dustin’s Book 1, Part 1

Here’s probably the most important scene of Book 1 from Dustin’s point of view. Enjoy!

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Free Read: Vince and Dustin’s Second First Christmas

Here’s another free short story to prepare for the release of Book 3! This is Vince and Dustin’s “second first Christmas” (it makes sense, I promise!) told from Dustin’s point of view. It takes place between Book 2 (By Blood) and Book 3 (By Fault).


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