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Free Read: Dustin’s Book 1, Part 2

I can’t say I’m very happy with how this story turned out, and I intend to redo it when I finish the other stories I have planned. I just wanted to share something with you. The goal of this piece is just to give readers an idea of how Dustin was feeling during the first book.

So here is the first version of Dustin’s Book 1.

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Short Story: Vince and Xander

I promised to have some short stories ready for the release of Book 3, so here is the first installment. I actually wrote this back when I was working on Book 1. It’s a little rough, but, as I’m still working on the other stories I wanted to do, I decided to share it.

Here is the story behind Vince getting Xander.

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Where’d the Weekend Go?

201Things were super crazy for me this weekend, which is why I failed to make a post until now.

Ugh, the joys of looking for a job that gives benefits.

I had considered writing a short story about my characters reacting to the news on Friday about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage, but decided not to after thinking about it for a while. It just would have given too much of the third (and upcoming) book away. Well, more like the setting would need to much explaining, and that would give away some of the important events of the book.

Better to wait for the fourth book, if the scene fits. Who knows. I haven’t even plotted that one out yet. I’ve been too busy! When I’m not having a hectic life, I’m working on my fantasy novel. Or, rather, worldbuilding. I’m on a serious worldbuilding kick right now.

It’s just so much fun!