Music Monday

This week is another song that mysteriously stuck with me, this time despite not being one of the genres I typically listen to.

Nico & Vinz – “Am I Wrong”

On Finding Time for Everything

108Life has taken a crazy turn this summer and I’ve been working non-stop.

Writing is currently the “second job” and is getting pushed aside constantly during my stressful weeks of overtime at the current “first job.”

So far I’ve been continuing to write daily, though not as much as I want to. I’m lucky to hit 1,000 words most days.

To be honest, I almost forgot to make a post this weekend because of it.

And there are, of course, other things that need to be done that are taking up my time. Driving out to see my horse, Alec, once a week. Doctor’s appointments. Car repairs. Job interviews. Trying to stay healthy enough to keep writing by eating, exercising at least a bit, and getting some sleep.

And impatiently waiting for everything to be settled and routine again.

Music Monday

This week is a song by a band that I hated in high school. I heard this song on a long car ride and didn’t know who it was until I looked up whatever lyrics I could remember later. I was very surprised that this band still existed and that I really liked at least one of their songs. Just goes to show that if a song gets my mind storming on a story, I don’t care who the singer or band is.

Fall Out Boy – “Alone Together”

Hobbies are Fun

IMG_2973I thought I would share one of my hobbies with you guys, since it is related to my writing.

When I was 9 years old I started collecting model horses (specifically, Breyer brand) after a friend of mine showed me her rather large collection. I was instantly hooked and wanted them all.

Over the years my collection grew, at one point totaling just over 200 models. I grew out of playing with them to setting them up in scenes to photograph, among other hobby things that may seem weird to “outsiders” (like making blankets and halters, and going to shows where pieces of my collection were judged on collectibility and how well the model represented the breed I claimed it was – that stuff can get super competitive and I quickly gave it up because I lacked the great models others had).

Through my college years I drifted away from the hobby entirely, selling off almost my entire collection to buy textbooks and put gas in my car.

Lately, though, I feel drawn in again, but this time with an actual theme to what I want. I used to just want every model I could get. Now I’m going out and finding models that are made to look like real life famous horses (called portrait models).

And the even more specific theme? I’m going for models of famous horses related to my writing. All the models in the picture are portraits of famous show jumpers. This is the majority of the portrait jumpers Breyer has made over the years, I just have a few rare ones I’m hoping to grab someday.

So there we have it, my crazy hobby. Anyone want to share theirs?

Music Monday

I’ve decided to start sharing my writing music so you can all hear the songs that help me create the books I write. I thought it would be fun to do this on a weekly basis, starting at the top of the playlist.

This week is Florence + The Machine’s song, “All This and Heaven Too.”


My Thoughts on Sharing

201I originally started this blog with the plan to make a post every week. That worked well for a while, but then I ran out of ideas. All the advice I hear or read about being on social media as an author is to post often, but not to over share.

How do I, just your average author, share without over sharing? Updates on the books is one topic, but I don’t have news every week and I’m sure you guys, as readers, want more than that.

I’ve encountered the same problem with Facebook. My page is pretty dead because I don’t post enough.

What do I do?

Make a change, of course. There are other things I could talk about that are related to the books. I’m thinking mainly of songs that are part of my writing playlist and videos related to topics in the series. Super cool horse video? Yes! Super sweet video about love? Yes! Real world news that impacts my characters’ futures? Yes!

Setting up posts to automatically publish so I can’t possibly forget? Definite yes!

And of course there are the free reads I plan to share in the coming months.

So, be prepared to see much more from me. You’ll get to know me, my writing process, my plans for coming stories, and the characters themselves. And, if you have any suggestions about what you want to see, feel free to comment!

Planning and Plotting

678Sorry for not making a post at all last week. I honestly could think of nothing to post about, and I didn’t want to bore anyone.

I have an update this week, though!

Soon we will be starting the editing process for Book 3 of Anderson Stables, which will likely be released at the end of the year. I’ve decided to use Book 4 as my project for National Novel Writing Month this year, instead of getting to work on that now. For now, I will be focusing on getting the short, free reads ready to post as we get closer to the release of Book 3.

I’m really on a short story kick right now. I’ve been working on some for my fantasy world, and I just want to keep writing more. I feel more productive when I can complete a story in days rather than months. I need to mix more of them into my writing routine.

Ah Yes, Technology

876So I’ve been dealing with the joys of technology lately.

Apparently my laptop likes to randomly shut down while I’m working. Even when it’s plugged in. Ugh.

When it started happening I lost a half an hour of writing. I save every five minutes, but when the thing crashed, OpenOffice somehow reverted to a save from 25 minutes earlier, even after I tried to salvage it. I was not happy.

And my desktop now has a habit of freezing. At least it’s about 6 years old. I got the laptop last summer. Stupid computers.

I’m thinking of saving up for something new. Maybe a Mac. I’ve had better luck with my iPhone than any other smartphone, so maybe the same is true for computers. Unless anyone has any other suggestions?

Until then I’ll have to make it work as best as possible. I must write and blog!

Where’d the Weekend Go?

201Things were super crazy for me this weekend, which is why I failed to make a post until now.

Ugh, the joys of looking for a job that gives benefits.

I had considered writing a short story about my characters reacting to the news on Friday about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage, but decided not to after thinking about it for a while. It just would have given too much of the third (and upcoming) book away. Well, more like the setting would need to much explaining, and that would give away some of the important events of the book.

Better to wait for the fourth book, if the scene fits. Who knows. I haven’t even plotted that one out yet. I’ve been too busy! When I’m not having a hectic life, I’m working on my fantasy novel. Or, rather, worldbuilding. I’m on a serious worldbuilding kick right now.

It’s just so much fun!

Good News on a Rainy Day

706I’ve had a tough week, but I finally had some good news recently. Anderson Stables Book 3 was accepted and I just signed to contract.

That took a lot of stress off my mind! Now I can focus on working on my current project to get it done before we start the editing process.

Anyone wanna join me in a happy dance?