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love_unbrokenLove Unbroken
Released: September 19th, 2020

Oliver Slade had everything he thought he ever needed. He had a decent house, a beautiful young daughter, and a loving husband. Then it all comes crashing down when that husband turns out to be not so loving after all. Desperate to distract himself and his daughter, he reaches out to an old friend to talk horseback riding lessons in one phone call destined to change their lives forever.

Peter Briggs had intentionally cut Oliver out of his life when Oliver had chosen someone else over him. Sure, he’d never told Oliver his feelings and Oliver hadn’t tried to stop their friendship from fading, but hearing from him after so long both hurts and excites him. He knows agreeing to give Oliver and his daughter riding lessons might be more than his heart can handle, yet he just can’t say no.

All either of them want is to love and be loved. Will their own pasts and pain make that too much to hope for?

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Past and Future
Released: February 29, 2020pastfuture-riley-ebooksmall

Out of job and almost out of cash, Zach Granger takes a position working at a local historic site undergoing restoration, where he will spend his days caring for four horses and driving visitors around the grounds in a replica carriage. First, however, he needs to learn how to drive, and help with the restoration work. The work is no trouble at all, especially with a coworker as gorgeous and wonderfully nerdy as Mick – something Zach refuses to take notice of because the last time he got involved with someone he worked with he’d ended up brokenhearted and unemployed.

Mick Ryton has his dream job helping to restore the historic site he hopes to continue working at for the foreseeable future. He’s always been something of a history nerd, and, despite what his own mother might think, views it as his lifelong career. The only downside is that he keeps himself too busy to meet new people and consider romance, especially since strange things have been happening at the new museum. Then Zach shows up, all cute as hell and secretly nerdy, and starts both working and living with him.

Both their futures depend on them getting the site up and running in the next year, but someone is out to prevent that.

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The-Abandoned-Kindle-Amazon.jpgThe Abandoned
Released: September 1st, 2019

Blake Flores thought his life with horses was over. After a debilitating riding accident five years ago left him in pain and alone, he sold his horses and closed down his stable. The accident also caused the man Blake had thought loved him and would see him through anything to leave without a goodbye. Disheartened, Blake never wanted to see or own a horse again and never hoped for love. Then a horse from his past appears in his empty barn, changing Blake’s life yet again.

Preston West has thrown himself into his work as a vet, striving to open his own practice and move past his recent divorce. When he got the call that an abandoned horse needed to be seen by a vet, Preston had no idea how the visit would change his future. Blake’s need to have some help in getting his barn habitable for a horse again gives Preston the distraction he needs to move on with his life. It also awakens in him desires he thought he had put aside years ago.

They both soon learn that it isn’t about who abandons you, but who stays.

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Project Rebuild
Released: February 2nd, 2019


Grant Draper has just inherited his dying family business. There hasn’t been much interest in horse-drawn carriages in his part of New York for years, but he can’t stand the thought of giving up the business and letting his late grandfather down. It’s just that rebuilding the business is going to take a miracle.

Brendan Herrmann has finally found the horse carriage his father has been hunting for years to add to his collection. But the ancient Draper & Sons coach needs more work than he had hoped. It needs to be completely rebuilt. He’s afraid no one will be up to the task, until he discovers the company Facebook page.

The project for Bren could very well be the miracle Grant needs to save Draper & Sons, and it comes with the added bonus of living with the very attractive Bren. But then, just when everything seems like it’s falling into place, someone tries to take away everything Grant has left.

Will the fragile future Grant and Bren are building be able to survive fire and fraud? Will they be able to rebuild?

Available from Amazon.

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